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Simplify your investment research with AI

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LLMs for Smarter Investing

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Large Language Models (LLMs) are changing the way technology works. These powerful models are reshaping the boundaries of what's achievable, heralding a new era in AI innovation.

StockInsights is the first platform that combines the potential of LLMs with the realm of financial research. StockInsights seamlessly melds LLM capabilities with the intricacies of financial data to help you make smarter decisions using powerful insights from the world of finance.

Track Portfolio Companies

Stay informed about your investment holdings effortlessly.

Generate Investment Ideas

Analyse data from various sources to generate actionable insights.

Conduct Due-Diligence

Empower your research with cutting-edge technology.

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Free Your Focus from Data Deluge

Sound familiar?

Overwhelmed by information volume.
Analysing data is slow and painstaking.
Financial documents are complex and jargon-filled.
User-friendly tools for this domain are rare.

StockInsights solves this

Streamline investment analysis with our AI-powered platform.
Gain actionable insights from complex financial data.
Make informed investment choices.
Stay ahead with real-time data.
StockInsights APIs

APIs for seamless integration

Enhance your financial platform with our powerful APIs

Our APIs provide developers with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate StockInsights' data and insights into their quant models, financial apps, and platforms.

Data Enrichment. Access structured financial data for earnings calls and more.

Real-Time Insights. Keep users informed with alerts and AI-generated summaries.

Customization. Tailor data and insights to match your platform's unique needs.

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Shared Workspace

Collaborate for Success

Upgrade your financial team's capabilities with our specialised Team Level Plan. Collaborate seamlessly, access advanced features, and make informed decisions together.

Enhanced Collaboration

Work together on research, strategies, and decisions in a shared workspace

Advanced Features

Access advanced tools such as customizable screeners, deep data analysis, and more

Priority Support

Get dedicated assistance to ensure your team maximizes the platform's potential

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Simplify your investment search with AI