November 29, 2023

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Our Product Philosophy

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Ganesh Voona


Empowering Investors through Data, Technology and Design

At, we started with a mission to help individual investors with a platform that supports in-depth research for long-term investments. Our goal was to make it easier to find opportunities, do company-level research, and keep track of portfolios by using AI to understand the large amounts of unstructured data from public companies.

Refining our focus

As our platform grew, so did our user base. We saw interest not only from individual investors but also from family offices, day traders, consultancy firms, and more—each with their own needs, particularly when it comes to information from public company filings. This variety made us rethink who our users are and how best to use our resources, led by clear insights on how to position our product. The idea of positioning, highlighted by April Dunford, became essential to our strategy. It helped us shape our product as an "AI-enabled platform for investors who focus on fundamental research through filings," giving us a clear direction for developing our tools and future innovations.

Putting users first

While our use of AI (LLMs) shows our tech strength, we know that technology by itself isn't enough for the end-user. It's really about the features we create that meet user needs. Our approach is all about putting our customers first. We focus on what users need and keep adding new features that meet these needs. This not only makes our development path clear but also gives us a lasting competitive edge by making sure our offerings meet user expectations.

The Three Pillars of Our Philosophy

Our product philosophy is based on three main pillars: Design, Data, and Technology, each adding to a smooth user experience.

Data: The core of our platform is our strong data offering. Our aim is to provide detailed data on public markets in a way that's immediately useful.

Technology: Using AI, we can quickly process and analyze large amounts of information, letting us bring in new features that make complex tasks simpler.

Design: We focus on design, trying to find the right balance between ease of use and functionality to effectively meet user needs.

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